The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about...

Nift is a cross-platform open source framework for managing and generating websites.

It's lightning fast (evidence), developed from the ground up in C++, and released for free under the MIT license, use it for any of your personal or commercial projects – just be sure to preserve copyright and license notices!

The Details

Why use Nift over other website generators?


Nift is lightning fast, possibly the world's fastest website generator (evidence). Focus on development rather than waiting for your website to build.

Static and Dynamic Websites

Nift can manage and generate not just static but also dynamic websites.

Git Integration

Nift integrates seamlessly with Git to clone from and push to AWS Amplify Console, AWS CodeCommit, BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, Netlify,, ZEIT Now etc..

Language Agnostic

You can use any language you want, eg. html, css, javascript, php, etc..

Build Errors

Nift will throw errors and tell you the exact file and line number where there is a problem..

Single Executable

Nift compiles in to one executable file.

Intuitive Templating System

Nift's templating system is intuitive while being easy to understand and remember.

Multithreading Support

Nift will take advantage of all the computing power on your machine, whether you're running on a Raspberry Pi or a super computer, Nift has you covered.

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