cmd: clone



The syntax for the clone command is:

nift clone clone-url
nsm clone clone-url


The clone command is for cloning website repositories using Git from websites offering repository management like BitBucket, GitHub and GitLab, it takes a single parameter which should be the url to clone using Git with.

Check out the templates and blog templates pages for template website repositories that you can import/fork and rename on BitBucket, GitHub or GitLab then clone. You can rename a repository when importing it, rather than forking and renaming, plus on BitBucket and GitHub you cannot remove fork relationships. Also to host a website on GitHub you will need to go in to the website repository's settings, find the GitHub Pages section and set the source branch (typically master branch).

Note: Often Nift will do more than just a Git clone when cloning, so it is better to use the clone command available with Nift.


Example of clone being used:

nift clone
nsm clone