cmd: lolcat



The syntax for the lolcat command is:

nift lolcat
nsm lolcat


The lolcat command works the same as basically all other lolcat implementations, ensuring there is a way for the functionstein (f++) and templatestein (f++) function lolcat.on to do rainbow output when fetching output from using c++ system calls for FLASHELL and the other shell extensions and interpreters in-built in to Nift.

Note: using the above nift lolcat command has to run the Nift binary just to use the modified version of lolcat-cc in-built in to Nift, it is better to also have lolcat-cc installed on your machine to specify as the lolcatCmd in the global and/or project configuration files. You can specify other implementations of lolcat in your configuration files as well. See the docs page for .

command line example

Example of nift lolcat command being used from a terminal:

ls -l | nift lolcat
ls /usr/bin | nsm lolcat -ln
echo "hello, world!" | nift lolcat -f