Compiling Nift

This page outlines the variables you can pass to the Makefile when compiling Nift, for information about compiling and installing from source see here.

Passing variables to the Makefile

Below is an example of passing a couple of variables to the Makefile:

make BUNDLED=0 LUA_VERSION=5.3; sudo make install

The following table outlines the variables that can be passed to the Makefile:

variable values description
BUNDLED 0 use system install of Lua(JIT)
CXX clang, g++ which compiler to use
LUA_VERSION x, 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1 compile with Lua 5.x (use x when compiling and installing Lua from source)
LUAJIT_VERSION 2.1, 2.0 compile with LuaJIT 2.x
NO_CLEAR_LINES 1 does not clear lines in the source code
NO_COLOR, NO_COLOUR 1 does not add colour to console output
NO_PROGRESS 1 does not add progress to build and status commands
POSIX 1 compile Lua 5.x Makefile with posix rather than generic
VERCEL 1 compile binaries for use on Vercel's servers
variable values description